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OOC Information:
Name: Dan
Are you over 15? Yes.
Contact: email:
Current characters in the game: N/A

IC Information:
Name: Preincarnation: (Saber/Arthur Pendragon) Reincarnation: Arthur York
Canon and Medium: Fate/Prototype - Anime
Age: Mid-20s(Canon), 19 (Reincarnation)
Preincarnation Species: Human
Preincarnation Appearance:
Any Differences: None. He'll look the same, albeit a little younger. He's still a disney prince, either way.
Starting Location: Locke City
Preincarnated History: Note: Bear in mind, Arthur's backstory isn't entirely clarified in Fate/Series, but I'll fall back on 'The Once and Future King' for any artistic voids we may have. I'll include those voids as headcanon. Arthur Pendragon was born hidden away from his future Kingdom, raised by a Knight named Ector. Ector had raised Arthur along with his own son, Kay. Growing up, Arthur was treated much more like a servant than a real son, following closer to the telling of his story in which he was named 'Wart'. One day, the Court Sorcerer 'Merlin' set a sword in stone and declared that the one to draw the sword from it would be named the future king of Albion, given that the King had fallen ill. After days of knights and warriors being unable to draw the sword, Arthur was finally given a chance to dry and drew the stone out for himself. Many would have viewed this as his 'good ending', but good endings never existed in those stories.

Arthur became a good king, well-loved by his people and respected by his knights. He journeyed in attempts to united the lands together to form a better and more just kingdom and in a way, he succeeded quite a few times. His victories made him allies, though he made just as many enemies. In the end, Arthur was created such an influential group of knights and such a proud kingdom that he was lauded as a great King to be remembered above others for centuries and centuries.

Though, this came to a quick end after a number of circumstances. His queen, Guinevere, had an affair with Lancelot--Arthur's best friend and most trusted knight. Though he forgave them, he was forced to banish Lancelot and have Guinevere put into the life of a nun as punishment. Arthur's presumed 'weakness' as a king presumed by one of his loyal knights, Mordred, inspired the young man to attempt to usurp the throne. Arthur's final battle would be on Camlann, in which he would kill Mordred--who had been his own son, birthed by his half sister, Morgan Le Fay. As the story in legend went, Arthur was sailed to Avalon, but rather--he died in the forest after the battle of Camlann. He was the one man to survive the bloody battle, though he would perish soon after leaving it. Like his counterpart in Fate/Stay Night, Arthur made a contract with the embodiment of The World, to pursue the Holy Grail in his death to save his kingdom from its abrupt ending.

Saber, summoned into the Fourth Holy Grail War, fought side by side with Manaka, who turned out to be an immensely cruel and cold-hearted person. She sacrificed many lives to the Grail to make it grow and when Saber discovered this, he murdered her and spoke his regrets. He was reincarnated into the Fifth Holy Grail War in order to fight alongside and protect Ayaka, who had been Manaka's sister.

Link is here as well!

Reincarnated History: Arthur York was adopted by Hector York in a very, very poor attempt to save his marriage. Hector's wife, Mary, had been the kindest person to Arthur in his childhood until she decided to leave when he was roughly ten years old. Kyle, Arthur's brother by adoption, had hated Arthur in their youth and the two often-times fought, to Arthur's disadvantage. Hector would always take Kyle's side. This sort of treatment had created a somewhat defeated personality in Arthur, in which he had trouble developing friends all throughout Middle and High School. Arthur had gone through Middle School and High School with little error, coming up with good grades and even playing a bit of football in his senior year, but he never stood out and never tried to advance in it. Otherwise, he went unnoticed as a lineman on the local team.

For the past year, Arthur had struggled to find jobs because his father and brother would speak ill of him throughout Locke, but recently he had begun to make friends with others and make enough money from jobs to find his own apartment. He'd been living alone while working in construction as many hours as possible. He had gotten the job because he thwarted the mugging of the local foreman who pulled in those jobs.

Becoming stable and developing rapport with the rest of the workers on site, Arthur found himself living a somewhat pleasant life on his own in the city. Aside from that, he hadn't ever thought about leaving. He would often times joke with his fellow co-workers that the superpowered people popping up were a blessing, because they gave them more work to do.

In March, when the giant snake attacked, Arthur was walking home with some of his co-workers. Two of them died immediately when the snake erupted from the surface and Arthur had been thrown clear, disoriented by its sudden appearance. When he came to, the beast was rampaging and people around him had been killed. Rather than running away, Arthur found himself confused by his own actions. He rushed to save as many people as he could, pulling them to safety and escaping from the streets as quickly as he could. His dragon blood awakened, Arthur showed a great deal of stamina in pulling a few dozen people to safety. This innate power of his would manifest slowly and increase in power as the days ticked away, as it would require Arthur's body to adjust naturally to 'understand' the changes in his physiology.

Since then, Arthur had spent a few days in the hospital, having been treated for smoke inhalation. He recovered in under a day, but remained for observation. Returning to the job, Arthur had gone to the funerals of his co-workers and since then, gotten a job offer as assistant-foreman.

It should be noted that this Arthur doesn't speak as properly as his preincarnation. He speaks with something of a South-Boston accent because of his upbringing with Hector, who had moved to Locke street from elsewhere.

First Echo: The Wise Snake. Arthur had been in the middle of the instant it rose up from the ground. He gained one echo--his Dragon Blood by recognizing the Snake in the shape of a Dragon. As a result, he would feel much more brazen and daring than before.

Preincarnation Personality: Arthur embodied the cool grace and even demeanor of a well-trained Prince. With good manners, extreme courtesy and benevolence at his side, he was marked as a very admirable young man and an exceptional king to boot. In reality, he understood the weight of his station and it didn't serve to make him happy. While he liked being someone who could help others, Arthur understood that he was 'alone' in the world, even among his friends, comrades and his wife. He was a monster--the dragon that paved the way in battle so his people could advance, grow stronger and become more stable in their lives. Because of this, Arthur was singled out from humanity.

Though Arthur didn't have the same sort of issues that his female counterpart from Fate/Stay Night had, he was somewhat more jaded and cynical than she was as a result of his certainty in his role. No one else could do what he could, so he had to remain the statue of an ideal. He had to restrain his anger and maintain the perfect poise of a man who stood above all others and lead them.

His cynicism didn't ruin him, though. Since he was made happy by helping others, Arthur put his entirety into that. His wars weren't out of conquest, but pressed in a desire to unite and make everyone he could successful. He was misinterpreted and knew it, but he never blamed anyone for those mistakes. He couldn't blame Lancelot or Guinevere for their betrayal as well as Mordred. Those who hated him were justified and he knew it--because, he was someone who wasn't allowed to feel the same way they did. For him to be King, Arthur had to be a creature who made decisions and acted against the grain of the masses.

All the same, he was chivalrous. Arthur was famed for good sportsmanship, progressive thinking and a desire to uphold justice. It was because of his good upbringing as a King that he made as many successes as he did and even in the Holy Grail War, rife with despair and destruction, he managed to maintain a smile. Arthur was, along with being the ideal King, also viewed by his master as the ideal Prince because of his disposition.

His character template doesn't match his Fate/Stay Night counterpart at all, except for their chivalrous undertones. Both have a sense of fairness and justice, but Arthur is considerably more dangerous than Arturia in his conviction. While Arturia would not betray and stab her master in the back, Arthur did--killing Manaka because she had revealed she was a true monster in sheep's clothing. His sense to make such a strong decision shows that his conviction is much stronger than Arturia--as he didn't struggle to make that judgement.

On positive notes, Arthur is exceptionally polite and jovial when speaking to others, though he's also fairly intelligent enough to know when to be stern. He embodies a Princely personality, in which he has to be charismatic and intelligent.

Any Differences: The problem with Arthur York is that he's been raised so differently than his preincarnation that his best traits have yet to surface. As of his current point in time, he's capable of being heroic and helping others, but his social-skills are well below par because of Kyle and Hector's attempts to brow-beat him and keep his ego in check. He doesn't try to stay on anyone's radar because he figures Kyle will eventually try to ruin the friendships he does make, so he won't go out of his way to be overtly friendly to anyone, though he can't help the fact that if someone does open up to him and try to be nice, he'll return the favor without hesitation. Throughout middle school and high school, he tried a number of clubs and never really succeeded in them, out of concern that his adopted brother would try to interfere with him.

Since he didn't really have friends through high school, he was much more into reading and spending time alone, fantasy novels being favorites of his. Especially after work, he would be exhausted and reading would be all he could accomplish. Due to his time in high school spent as an athlete, Arthur gained the particular habit of exercising on a regular schedule. This is somewhat interrupted given his job, but he has plenty of empty nights, because he's often alone when he's off of work. He lacks his previous incarnation's social graces, Arthur hasn't had more than one relationship since High School, which ended quickly because of Kyle's bullying. Arthur doesn't act graceful and princely because it isn't in his personality--he doesn't act graceful and princely because he's never had any reasons to, before. With time and the right positive influence, he could be a great person and a leader.

He had been viewed as a coward when he was young, because in his arguments with Kyle, he would allow himself to get hit, but it had simply been because he never wanted to strike someone he called his brother. If he ever sees someone in trouble, Arthur will be one of the first people to act, whether it's with words or fists.

Also, he talks with a South Boston accent, though he doesn't swear as much as his adopted father.

Abilities: Arthur had a number of abilities at his disposal as the King of Camelot. He had exceptional charisma and a talent for public speaking, a strategic mind and immensely useful battle instincts which bordered on precognition. He was incredibly skilled with a sword and spear, though much more with that sword in mind. Arthur was also famed for being a skilled horse-back rider, though not so much as Lancelot, who was the best in the kingdom.

As a Heroic Spirit, Arthur's abilities are made somewhat more magical. Arthur's skill in riding allows him to operate literally any vehicle whether or not he's actually tried before. He simply 'knows' how to ride it. This is a knowledge based ability granted by the Grail, utilizing his skills from his past life to make them more prominent.

Arthur possesses the Blood of Dragon, granted in his birth by Merlin. As a result, Arthur's blood is the same as the great beasts who could create magic simply by breathing. This blood gives Arthur immense magical power, enough to fuel his attacks well beyond human potential. Arthur can make his physical attacks explosive and his movement much like a jet. This usage of his power makes him resilient and even caustic against magic and supernatural powers, since he can typically become immune to them or smash through them like a high speed train. Literally, the usage of his resistance can 'shatter' magic like glass. His power manifests in an explosive way when it's drawn out in its fullest, literally soaking the air with lightning-like bursts of magical energy.

Excalibur. Arthur possesses the legendary sword, Excalibur--given to him by the Lady of the Lake. The use of this weapon can cast a toll on even Arthur's immense magical power, as it creates a gigantic 'blast' of light that erases everything in its path. The use of this sword is restricted by Arthur's power and has a law placed on it saying that he must fulfill certain conditions laid out by the Knights of the Round Table in order to fully unleash it. He can unlock part of the blade's power in a normal fight, but he would presumably have to be in the process of saving a great deal of people to use the sword otherwise--or else he'd have to expend even more power and endanger himself to bypass that law.

Avalon. The ultimate guard. The scabbard of 'Excalibur', made with the same fairy magic as the sword, is the ultimate defense. It puts Arthur in another dimension to repel any and all attacks thrown in his direction. It also has the passive ability to keep Arthur from dying due to injuries in battle so long as it's close to him. It will continually heal him.

Invisible Air. A second 'sheathe' for Excalibur. This is an enchantment which binds and makes Excalibur invisible through manipulation of the air. It's low-ranked because it makes a blade that's considerably less sharp than Excalibur, but it can still be used as a weapon. It will cut and slice much like a normal weapon and can be 'unsheathed', creating massive gusts of wind as a result. Arthur can use the explosive gust of wind from unsheathing Invisible Air to propel himself around, much the same as he could with his Prana bursts.

Servant. As a Heroic Spirit, Arthur would have to make a contract with someone to survive and it's likely this will never happen, since he would need another memory to even find out that this would be a necessity. If it ever did happen, Arthur would gain the ability to summon his weapons and armor from nothingness, rather than having to carry them the normal way. Additionally, if he made a magical contract with someone of exceptional power, it would boost his own power and vice versa. If he refrained from making a contract, he would eventually die from slowly running out of power, since he would gain a spiritual body.

Roleplay Sample - Third Person: The funerals didn't last particularly long. The grieving had only so much of a window of time to watch their family members get lowered down before more had to follow suit. Tragedy was always a fickle thing. It could come in small doses and leave people mourning for years. In the same span, it could come in droves and people could go about their business as if nothing happened the very next day. Arthur witnessed it firsthand. When Mary disappeared, it was the worst thing to him. She, the one person who could be described as a mother figure to him, left and yet he picked up where he was the next day, knowing the world would turn whether or not he was happy.

It was the same then and there. He wore a nice suit, watching as his friends were lowered into the ground. The giant, evil creature that had torn the world open and ushered in a new era in the city for many, had numbed them to their pain. Everyone at the funeral wanted it to be done so they could get back to work and ensure their own survival. Arthur was among them. He had grown used to happiness and being appreciated by other people. Relied on by other people. It made him the happiest man in the world when he knew he could be useful to someone. Brad disappeared beneath the surface and a shovel full of dirt was thrown on his coffin. Arthur left the plots, beginning to take off his tie and loosen the top button of his shirt.

He had a hospital bill to pay. Grieving wasn't going to solve that issue. Though, his mind was taken away. As he found his way to the bus, Arthur looked aside, noting the closed off sections of the street, blocked off from the attack. It wasn't even that far away: where it all became so terrible. The memory of the beast rising from the ground, the pressure in his chest and the immense headache that came with it. He pulled men and women out of the rubble that should have suffocated and died so shortly after. He ran and ran and didn't even feel fatigued for a moment. It was terrifying and gut-wrenching. He should have collapsed and wept, but Arthur felt a surge of joy.

After years of teasing, being belittled, held back by unseemly rumors--Arthur felt something he was proud about. He had saved lives, like a hero from a movie. No one recognized him, but what was important had been that he remembered it. That surge of happiness was short-lived if only because he didn't understand where it truly came from. People who survived those kinds of situations were supposed to be traumatized and careful. There he was, smiling because it had shown him a better part of himself. He felt good because of a tragedy and that alone had sunk him straight back down again. Kyle would have called him a selfish shit-head and it would have been true. Still--there was only one way to fix that fault of arrogance. There was construction to be done and on top of that, the world was changing. If giant monsters like the Snake existed elsewhere, then one thing was certain: he wanted to help anybody caught in that kind of backlash.

The fire department was always looking for volunteers. If he was crazy enough to pull people out of a burning street after a monster attack, then he could handle some everyday fires. In the end, as left the bus, Arthur's thoughts were on what he could do to be better to everyone else around him. Not once, from that point, had he considered his own well-being.

Still, in the back of his mind, he was troubled. When he relaxed and his mind wandered, it set itself on a string of numbers. Characters. They repeated endlessly until he set it elsewhere and thought of other things and deep down, he hoped it wasn't some strange form of PTSD surfacing quickly. He didn't have the money for therapy on top of his other hospital bills.

Roleplay Sample - Network: Written in a notepad file on his computer;
[Within is attached the series of numbers Arthur had on his mind.]

These are the numbers I keep thinking of. I don't know what they are, but I just hope this isn't some sort of mental illness coming up out of nowhere.

Maybe if I write down my thoughts in this journal, it'll help.

I did something amazing and now I'm worried I could be going crazy. I'm going to see if there's any free videos on this at the library. I'll have to remind myself to make a list of things I could look at to understand why I'm obsessed with these numbers, but for now I think if I write them down once in awhile I'll calm down.

Now, I just have to make sure not to scribble them all over the walls or something. The last thing I need is a reason for Kyle to get me admitted.

Other than that, I should pray for Brad and Pete. I don't have any good answers of my own, but I remember during Sunday school, we used to talk about personal stuff once in awhile. One time, I talked about mom walking out and how I felt bad about it, but I never cried. I don't want to cry now, either. Right now, I want to know if I can do another good thing again. I don't know if I have it in me, but I want to find out.

I think I was cool back then. I wasn't a big-shot or anything, but wouldn't it be amazing if I was? If I ever turn out to be a big name or somebody who could really do awesome things like that all the time, I'd want to be the guy who never got messed up by it. You could probably do really bad things if you turned out to be really amazing. I don't remember the word for it.

I don't know where I'm going with this, so I guess I'll say my words for the guys. They had families. Wives and kids who loved them. It's rare to meet those kinds of nice guys in this part of town, but I'm happy I did. They probably made their share of mistakes, but everybody has. Let's hope the Almighty Father liked what you were up to when you were down here with us.

[Once again, he writes down the numbers and saves the file on his computer.]

[A minute later, after he gets the whole network thing down, he adds--]

Something weird happened.

Any Questions? I've reread my app, trying to make sure the differences between Arthur's upbringing as a king and as a young man who never became king had been clarified enough, but I'm aware that sometimes my writing can come off a little disjointed! I attempted to write this to clarify that Arthur's lack of 'good times' in his childhood lead to him being considerably less charming and graceful than his preincarnation, opening it up to the prospect that with the right CR, he could become a greater person. Admittedly though, it would also help if he got back his charisma trait from an Echo. >> For now, it's either pulling a sword out of a stone or gaining his charisma back that'll fix him.

He has the potential to be King, but hasn't ever felt that way before the Locke City Serpent!

Also, it bears importance to note that Fate/Prototype has an incomplete list of information, but it's fleshed out with its own side-material explaining scripts of events that happened during it. Most of the Servants with the exception of Rider are roughly the same as their counterparts in Fate/Stay Night, but at different ages. Lancer is still Cu Chulainn, but younger. Archer is still Gilgamesh, but younger. Saber is male, which means his personality shifted because he didn't have the same problems to face that Saber did in Fate/Stay Night because she was a woman in the seat of the King. All abilities are the same, though--with the exception that a younger Gilgamesh lacks some of the weapons his older counterpart possesses(and he's less insane because he's likely from before Enkidu died. Still pretty insane, though)

For the most part, Saber is the same in regards to his abilities.

Reincarnated History: When Arthur initially gained Echoes earlier in the year, he was poor and living on his own as a construction worker. His echoes gradually affected his personality, making him progress from a somewhat sniveling and nervous young boy into a more audacious, serious and strong-willed man. Despite this, the echoes he received made him feel guilty about his power and this became even worse when he received an echo reminding him of how he betrayed someone close to him in a past life, killing her.

As a result of his depression from these echoes, Arthur left Locke City and ended up finding his adopted mother, living with her in the Midwest for some time. Losing his job because of the fact that he left on a whim and said nothing to a soul, Arthur decided to try and make a living where he was with his adoptive mother, since she had been one of the few kind people in his life as a child.

His time spent was spent well, two months working in a grocery store just to get by. He became somewhat more sociable and enjoyed himself, not remembering a thing from the Echoes he received in Locke. He would watch the news periodically, stalking Reddit for news on the 'Numbered' in Las Vegas and Locke City if only because everyone else in the nation was doing it as well.

The support of Arthur's adopted mother would greatly improve his mood until late August in which he would have heard of the news of his adopted father, Hector, being killed after being assaulted by mob members on the street. Despite the fact that he felt no real love for Hector, Arthur was encouraged to at least go visit his adopted brother, Kyle, to see if he had been doing alright after things had transpired.

Arthur would return to the city and to his Echoes, but with a renewed sense of stamina, having spent plenty of time with someone he loved and supported him. The realization that there were 'villains' lingering would liven up the courage hiding in Arthur's veins, drawing him in to stay.

Essentially, this would have served as a sort of 'vacation' in Arthur's mind, giving him a sense of ease by being supported by someone who loved him. As Arthur had lived alone for over a year with no friends, loathed by his adopted father and brother, he had absolutely no sense of self-worth. When he gained Echoes, Arthur became much more charismatic, likeable and felt better about himself. Discounting the fact that a more recent Echo made him loathe his identity and worry that 'Arthur Pendragon' was a bad person, Arthur felt confident that he could help others and be a hero.

Returning to Locke City with a good attitude would only serve to return him to that 'heroic positive' he felt initially.

Echoes: Here are Arthur's previous Echoes!


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